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The long journey to a worldwide protest


SARS is a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID). The squad deals with crimes associated with armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping, cattle rustling, and crimes associated to firearms. SARS officers carry guns, but do not wear Nigerian police uniforms or badges (much like similar “plainclothes” police units in other nations).

Public records indicate systematic Corruption of the FSARS Units throughout Nigeria, successive Governments have been unwilling to either reform or scrap this Unit. This may not be unconnected with the penchant of this Unit to aid electoral malpractices by “snatching” ballot boxes, voter intimidation, the kidnapping of electoral officers, maiming electorates and ensuring elections do not hold in areas deemed to be strongholds of political opponents.

The Brutality

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The Victims

some of the identified victims as reported by major news platforms includes;

tina ezekwe
Name: Tina Ezekwe
Date: May 2020
Tiyamiyu Kazeem
Name: Tiyamiyu Kazeem
Date: February 2020
Chibuike Daniel Dominic, aka Sleek
Name: Chibuike Daniel Dominic
Date: September 2020
Name: Kolade Johnson
Date: April 2019
Rotimi Adeyemi
Name: Rotimi Adeyemi
Date: November 2018
Name: Chinedu Obi
Date: July 2019
Name: Chima Ikwunado
Date: December 2019
Name: Rinji Bala
Date: May 2020
Name: Femi Bello
Date: December 2014
Name: Ifeoma Abugu
Date: september 2020
Name: Linda Igwetu
Date: July 2018
Name: Emmanuel Egbo
Date: September 2008
Name: Peter Ofurum
Date: April 2016
Tunde 2 New
Name: Babatunde Nafiu
Date: August 2018
Name: Chukwuemeka matthew onovo
Date: December 2009
Name: Jimoh Isiaq
Date: October 2020
Name: Ken Niweigha
Date: May 2009
Name: Samson Adekoya
Date: February 2008
Name: Daniel Adewuyi Tella
Date: February 2006
Name: Christian Onuigbo
Date: March 2009
Name: Uche Okoye
Date: June 2005
Name: Gabriel Ejoor Owoicho
Date: April 2009
Name: Chika Ibeku
Date: April 2009
Name: Precious Odua
Date: April 2009
Name: Steven Agbanyim
Date: April 2009
Name: Chidi Odinauwa
Date: April 2009
Name: Azuamaka Victor Maduamago
Date: September 2009
Name: Precious Odua
Date: April 2009
Name: Boma Augustine Fingesi
Date: October 2008
Name: Godgift Ferguson Ekerete
Date: july 2008
Name: Tony Oruama
Date: July 2008
Name: Harry Ataria
Date: july 2008
Name: Eke Nwoseh
Date: March 2004
Annotation 2020-10-11 140926
Name: Edward Inyambe
Date: january 2018
Annotation 2020-10-11 141440
Name: Michael Maji
Date: April 2018
Name: Modebayo Awosika
Date: October 2008

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